Selective Global Search has been a force to reckon with in the Leadership Hiring sphere for over 25+ years. We pride ourselves on being a Boutique Leadership Hiring Firm.

We specialize in culling out only the best board members, chief executive officers, presidents and other senior management professionals across multiple functions and industries for global and domestic organizations.

Our Search Methodology

Searching for a Leader
  • Mapping the Space
  • First Round of Interviews
  • Presentation to Client


  • Interviews with Selected Candidates
  • Presentation of Candidates to Client
  • Vetting, Hiring, and Post-Recruitment Processing

How We Select Your Leaders

We find exceptional leaders who are in tune with your markets and the culture of your organization. Recruiting qualified individuals and training them to serve in a dynamic environment requires insight, creativity and experience.

Understanding and Experience

Selective Global Search has unmatched experience in handling Leadership Hiring positions for all organizations ranging from well-established companies to start-ups. Our distinguishing ability is identifying accomplished veterans and convincing them to take up new challenges.

Systematic Process

For this, we follow an exhaustive selection process where we thoroughly vet candidates, interview them, assess them and present them to you. After you make your choices, we again put the candidates through various interviews and personality assessments before we present them to you in person. Once the hiring is completed, we stay by your side as well as the candidate’s to help both parties get acquainted with each other and ease through the transition.

In-depth Local Knowledge

Working from the office in New Delhi, our consultants possess deep search expertise, comprehensive industry knowledge, a commitment to serve, and a dedication that consistently delivers exceptional executive recruitment results.

Our approach helps us to respond with a deep and immediate understanding of your needs.
  • Being a boutique firm, our 'off-limit' restrictions are significantly lower than large international search firms, which leaves you with a much wider talent pool to choose from
  • Our Leadership Hiring process is conducted with the objective of finding the most suitable candidates who possess exceptional skills as well as credentials within the fastest possible turnaround time
  • Our team of highly seasoned Leadership Hiring consultants work keeping the goal of delivering the highest value to you. But in the pursuit of perfection, we never lose sight of our high standard of ethics that we always adhere to
  • We believe that corporate leadership and governance are key factors of corporate strategy and we strive hard to partner with you as a strategic advisor through every step of the search process
  • Our in-depth analysis of the professional accomplishments, management approach, and leadership attitude, as well as personal and professional aspirations, of each and every candidate during every search is a time-tested process that results in presenting you with pure, raw talent

It’s a combination of all these elements that enable us to offer you a rigorous and comprehensive approach to all our Leadership Hiring es

Selective Global Search has successfully placed a significant number of top executives across verticals that in turn are shaping the companies of the future.

Join hands with us   and be sure that you will always remain at the cutting edge of your organization and industry at all times