Almost all talk over the past few years has centered on the explosive growth of E-Commerce. Yet, while online retail has hogged all the attention, India’s retail industry has grown exponentially along with the country’s rise in middle-class spending. The transformations in the retail sector in India will very well be significant, making it imperative for businesses to engage with the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi to tap into top talent.

Retail is one of the biggest contributors to India’s gross domestic product (GDP). It is a sector that has been driven by a rise in middle-class spending.

The transformations in the retail sector in India will very well be a reflection of the country’s overall growth.

Key Stats
  • The Indian retail market is expected to touch a staggering $US1 trillion by 2020
  • International companies such as Ikea, Gap, Hamleys, Bally are planning to enter the Indian retail market
  • Retail accounts for 8% of India’s employment
  • Rising middle-class, increasing urbanization, and rising disposable incomes will enhance retail consumption in India
  • India is the fifth largest preferred retail destination globally

These statistics highlight the need for specialized recruitment services, and working with a retail recruitment firm can provide the necessary expertise to navigate this evolving market.

  • The retail industry has been bogged down by slow pace of reforms
  • Unorganized retail sector and the organized retail sector have struggled to find parity
  • Retail real estate continues to be in short supply
  • The retail sector is marked by high entry barriers
  • Extremely competitive market has resulted in greater pressure on retailers who are struggling to maintain margins and still satisfy the finicky price-sensitive Indian customer

To address these challenges, partnering with the top retail recruitment company in Delhi can offer valuable support and strategic recruitment solutions, ensuring businesses can find the right talent to thrive in this competitive landscape.

Trends for the future
  • Global retailers such as GAP, Walmart, and IKEA are planning to establish their own stores in India
  • The retail sector is expected to generate more than 15 million jobs over the next few years
  • There will be a marked transition from traditional retail to organized retail
  • Rise in disposable incomes will see significant growth in the luxury goods retail segment

Selective Global Search in the Retail Sector

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Our Expertise

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