“Make in India.” That has been the clarion call of the Indian government over the past few years. The hugely popular campaign aims to pitch India as a manufacturing hub, as a center of production, technology, and excellence. It has captured the imagination of the Indian public.

The manufacturing sector has received massive inflows, massive government support, and foreign direct investment. It is expected that the sector will create more than 90 million jobs in the Indian economy by 2020. Business sentiment has remained positive, despite macro-economic fluctuations in developed countries.

Key Stats
  • India is expected to be among the top three manufacturing destinations by 2020
  • Sustained government effort has meant that every state in India has set up industrial parks for the promotion and development of industries
  • Manufacturing contributes more than 15% to India’s
  • China’s stupendous growth in manufacturing
  • Regulatory barriers
  • Pace of reforms
  • Deceleration in investment because of macroeconomic factors can derail growth in this capital-intensive sector

Selective Global Search in the Manufacturing Sector

Our trained consultants understand that this highly competitive sector will thrive on the creation of diverse job profiles.

We believe that the manufacturing sector’s projected growth would need a different set of skills, more than just domain competency. We identify professionals who show a certain degree of pro-activeness in understanding the market competition.

We realize the value of human capital and their essential contribution toward business success.

Our Expertise

How We Help

  • We scout engineering specialists who specialize in their ability to work on product innovations
  • We know that hiring for hiring for roles in sales, business development, and project development will increase, and we are prepared for that with specialized industry experts to guide you in your recruitment needs
  • We pride ourselves on using all HR channels for recruitment, including the use of social media and even Alumni networks to attract fresh talent
  • Our assessments filter out the best candidates and we use our expertise to match your requirements with the best talent in the market