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Nov 3, 2018 | ITC’s Fabelle launches its first-ever ruby chocolates this Diwali

Read More>> Millennial pink is the haute new colour tone in the space of fine chocolates. India is keeping up with this global trend and has put its fashionable foot forward too with ruby chocolates. Fabelle, the home-grown luxury chocolate brand from ITCNSE 2.11 %, has launched its first-ever ruby chocolate in the form of Ruby Gianduja. 

The announcement took place at an event in ITC Grand Central in Mumbai, in collaboration with celebrity chef Sarah Todd and Barry Callebaut, a manufacturer of appl .. 

Ruby chocolate, with a unique berry taste, became a global sensation after it was launched in Shanghai, China and caught the admiration of chocolate connoisseurs worldwide. It is made from the ruby cocoa beans, which are found in Brazil, Ecuador and Ivory Coast. Ruby chocolates were discovered and created 80 years after the launch of white chocolates as the third type of chocolate besides dark and milk chocolate.