About Us

A Journey of over three decades (since 1984)… that’s what  Selective Group, a leading recruitment firm in India, has invested in helping organizations in India on their path to business success through their motto of Bridging People and Positions, and mapping organizational productivity with the strength of their human resources. We are good at what we do, but more than that, we care about what we do. “Selective Global Search Pvt. Ltd.” is part of a 25+ Year Old “Selective Group”. It’s the Legacy of being in the Industry for over 25+ Years (even though the Global Venture was seeded as recent as 2015) that has given us an edge with the confidence we derive from our Long List of Satisfied Clients who have facilitated us to seed our presence in International Recruitment with Focus on Hiring in APAC & Middle East Region. As the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi, we pride ourselves on our extensive network and successful placements.
Selective Global Search is the pioneer among Executive Search & HR Consulting Organizations in India.  With a profound understanding of Manpower Selection & Recruitment, we offer customized services to our clients ranging from Start-up Companies to Fortune 1000 clients and engage with a sole aim to provide the best professionals available across levels and positions. As a top real estate recruitment company in Delhi, india. our expertise extends to various sectors including real estate, ensuring top-tier talent for your business
Since our inception, we have not only mastered the intricacies of our profession but also built up a solid foundation of trust with a clientele spanning the entire spectrum of IT, Trade and Industry, Business Conglomerates, Trading Houses, Manufacturing Organization, Service Industries. Our reputation as an executive search agency in India underscores our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.
Selective Global Search, we offer our Clients :
  • Highly Customizable End-to-End HR Solutions based on the clients requirements.
  • Flexibility to suit our Clients Requirements even on Individual Mandates Differentiates us from the Rest.
  • Best pool of Professional Consultants working on your requirements having Oodles of Experience of working across Domains.
  • Criticality of the position defines its Value for us and not the CTC of the Mandate….we handle all very efficiently & confidentially.
  • Focus on raising productivity of our Clients through improved efficiency and setting benchmarks in quality, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core business activities.

For more than three decades now, (since 1984) Selective Global Search has helped organizations on their path to business success, bridging people and positions, and mapping organizational productivity with the strength of their human resources. As the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi, we are good at what we do, but more than that, we care about what we do.


Our strength is derived from these principles:


Our outstanding longevity as a company has come through understanding our client’s needs and focusing on providing value. We do not believe in being responsive to our client’s needs as much as we believe in anticipating those needs. Our expertise as a recruitment firm ensures that we are always ahead of the curve in providing top-notch talent for our clients.

We know the rapidly shifting and dynamic world of recruitment better than most. That has come through long years in the field, understanding shifting trends, and being flexible in adapting to changes. Our position as a top real estate recruitment company in Delhi is a testament to our adaptability and foresight. As a renowned executive search agency in India, we have the knowledge and expertise to meet the unique demands of the industry.


We understand the organizational pitfalls in talent mapping. We know this not just through our decades of trust derived through successful partnerships, but through our innate understanding of the Indian talent industry. Our clients have placed their trust in us knowing our history and positioning in the recruitment field.


Our team of consultants works round the clock, using our own extensive and carefully developed databases, the power of social media networking as well as online job portals to refer to you the best candidates who match your requirements. We also rely on our well-honed system of referrals, our participation in job fairs, and our knowledge of specialist trade magazines to broaden our search. This extensive reach solidifies our standing as the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi.


We believe that the role of a recruitment consultancy is to act as an efficient intermediary in identifying the right candidates for our clients. We have built one of the most influential brands in the industry, commanding respect and recognition from professionals both in India and the world over. Our leadership in the field, particularly as a recruitment firm, demonstrates our ability to consistently deliver top talent to our clients.

We are headquartered at New Delhi with offices in Indore, Jaipur, Chennai, and in the US. Our clients come from diverse and different industries. We offer customized solutions, tailored to your requirements in Human Resource Development, Management Consultancy, and Employer Consultancy (IT and Non-IT) in India as well as abroad. Our status as a top real estate recruitment company in Delhi and a premier executive search agency in India ensures that we meet and exceed our clients' expectations across various sectors.