Search Engagement Process

Our Search Methodology

Matching the right person to the right company with the right job is not a matter of luck. Well, sometimes luck may play a part, but more often than not, luck is the product of hard work, intensive research, and meticulous planning.

Our seasoned professionals use our proprietary methods to help companies find and hire top management talent. We do not follow a one-policy-suits-all. No. Our work is based on our ability to understand that your needs are unique. So, we take the time to understand your values, culture, and philosophy before we even look at your recruitment requirements. We ask carefully framed questions to elicit the right answers. We make you think. We do not just serve as business partners. We develop a relationship with you - a relationship that stands the test of time to deliver outstanding business value.

Our Search Engagement Process is simple:

We have an initial discussion to understand your organizational structure and culture. We critically dissect the position to map its criticality and identify gaps in the outcomes. We identify your objectives and requirements. Only then, we begin the next part of our program.
Planning is, perhaps, the most critical part of the process. We design a specific, targeted plan for your assignment. Transparency is one of our biggest strengths, and we set clear milestones for filling your requirement. It is during this phase that we define the measurements for success and the financial details associated with the assignment.
We identify target companies as well as candidates who may possess the skills and talents identified in the search plan prepared during the planning phase. Our biggest strength is our extensive network, and proprietary databases honed through decades of experience in the field. But we also tap the power of the Internet and social media, expanding our reach even further.
Candidates are screened and interviewed based upon their skills, achievements, and cultural fit for the opportunity. This step enables us to narrow our selection of potential candidates to a highly screened group of finalists.
It is only after these steps that the final candidates are introduced to you for detailed discussions that help you select the candidate based on their performance during the interview.
Discussing and negotiating pay can quickly drain a company’s time. We make it easier for you. We act as the agent of communication between the candidate and you to clarify all questions around salary terms, benefits, and relocation if needed.
We believe in being a part of our client’s journey every step of the way. We counsel the candidate through the process of resigning from their current position and guiding them in their exciting new transition to the new role.
Too often, HR talent searches fail because the recruiter has not understood the job requirements or communicated those to the candidate. For us, this is probably the most critical part of the process because at this stage we present the opportunity, associated responsibilities, and potential of the position to the candidate. We use our algorithm to filter out candidates based on their past performance and achievements as well as their ability to deliver on existing company goals.
Our job does not end here. Often, the initial period of a new employee is fraught with difficulties. We smoothen the transition, ensuring that the organization can retain its newly hired talent.