The Indian pharmaceutical industry is one that is very closely tied to the fabric of society. People’s lifestyles, health, and economic conditions all affect the way the pharma industry shapes its own growth path. As the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi, we understand the nuances of these dynamics.

Globally and domestically, the push for newer therapies and cures, obtaining funding, and the speedy rise of emerging markets are all huge challenges for the pharmaceutical industry.

Given that pharmaceuticals is a crucial market that ties in multiple disciplines and functions, it requires medical and non-medical professionals with equal urgency. Not only does it need doctors but talented professionals who can research and develop medicine, obtain licenses, and oversee manufacturing and regulations. As a pharmaceutical & life sciences recruitment firm, we recognize the importance of integrating diverse skill sets.

The life sciences sector comprises the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare segments. This sector is increasingly achieving positive revenues globally, helped by buoyant growth in emerging markets. The top pharmaceutical & life sciences recruitment company in Delhi is well-versed in identifying talent that can thrive in such dynamic environments.

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Sector in India: A Snapshot

Key Stats
  • The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the third largest market in the world in terms of volume as per data of 2016
  • Generic drugs is the largest segment, accounting for 70% of the pharmaceutical market
  • India accounts for 20% of the global generic drugs supply, making it the largest supplier in the world
  • The pharmaceuticals market jumped by 17.56% between 2005 – 2016
  • India’s life sciences industry is the third-largest contributor in reducing the country’s trade deficit
Trends for the future
  • McKinsey estimates that emerging markets (including India) will contribute as much as US$190 billion in sales growth between 2015 and 2020
  • As much as 40% of sales is expected to come from innovations and new drugs
  • India is expected to be the third largest global pharmaceuticals market by growth by 2020
  • Pharmaceuticals is expected to be eligible for 100% FDI under the automatic route very soon
  • Sales-driven and highly fragmented sector
  • Stringent global quality standards
  • Difficulties in obtaining funding
  • Obtaining licenses and permits in the fractured bureaucratic Indian set-up
Selective Global Search in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Sector

With a climate such as this, where intense competition is part of a normal work day, we anticipate the need for young, passionate visionaries who can drive growth, manage large global teams as well as systems, create and implement new standards and drive growth

We are aware that the high level of competition is also the biggest cause of high attrition rates and rising employee expenses, which will be crucial factors while looking out for the next leader for your team. We have worked with key pharma and life sciences clients in the past, helping them bridge organizational success with carefully chosen talent

As a pharmaceutical & life sciences executive search agency in India, our expertise extends beyond the pharmaceutical sector. We have helped generics and biosimilar manufacturers, small niche biotech organizations, R&D companies, clinical research organizations, and marketing and medical communications agencies with their recruitment requirements

Our Expertise

How We Help

  • We are aware of the diverse skillsets and outlook that make a successful healthcare professional
  • Our strong and dedicated recruitment team has the capability to cull out technically smart and commercially astute talent, which is the need of the hour
  • We spend an inordinate amount of time designing hiring campaigns so that you can plan and anticipate your talent needs
  • Pharmaceutical organizations require specific talents and a strong talent pipeline. We plan our search campaigns so that you get not only expert leaders but also qualified professionals who can take over tomorrow
  • Our network includes a wide range of people across the pharmaceutical industry, from hospitals to drug companies to manufacturers, enabling us to give you the best from any sub sector

By leveraging our experience as the top pharmaceutical & life sciences recruitment company in Delhi, we ensure that your organization gets the right talent to drive future growth and success.