India’s services sector has catapulted the country into economic superstardom, but it is the construction, infrastructure, and engineering sector that has the capability to take the country from developing to developed status. We being the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi help in identifying the right talent to drive this transformation.

Renewable sources of power such as solar and wind power have come into the limelight. Backing all this is India’s hunger for developing its creaking infrastructure. Massive funds have been poured into the infrastructure sector over the past two decades. As an Infrastructure recruitment firm, we also support the technological backbone of these developments. The infrastructure sector has become a key driver for the Indian economy.

Nearly all infrastructure sectors present excellent opportunities, with roads and highways, ports and airports, railways, and power poised for exceptional growth as these are necessary conduits for commerce. As a top Infrastructure recruitment company in Delhi, we assist in sourcing the tech talent needed for these advancements.

The engineering sector is related closely to the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. In 2014, India became a permanent member of the Washington Accord in 2014, which is an international agreement with a group of 17 countries working on engineering studies and mobility. Infrastructure executive search agency in India plays a crucial role in attracting top engineering professionals. Foreign investment in the engineering sector has picked up as this sector enjoys favourable regulatory policies and has the benefit of a huge, highly skilled workforce.

The Construction, Infrastructure, and Engineering Sector in India: A Snapshot

Key Stats
  • The Indian government has announced an investment of US$376 billion in infrastructure over a period of three years from now. The best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi helps in staffing for these massive projects.
  • The Indian aviation market is expected to become the third-largest in the world by 2020. Infrastructure recruitment firm ensures that the technology needs of this sector are met.
  • A number of Spanish companies are increasingly investing in the Indian construction and infrastructure sector. . The top Infrastructure recruitment company in Delhi aids in the cross-border talent acquisition for these collaborations.
  • The Government is planning the development of 100 smart cities, making them sustainable. Infrastructure executive search agency in India is integral to finding leaders who can drive these initiatives.
  • India has a large and relatively low cost engineering talent pool, supported by the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi.
  • Widespread corruption and scams over the years has weakened the growth of this industry. Infrastructure recruitment firm helps in recruiting professionals with integrity to combat these issues.
  • Regulatory quagmires often pose significant hurdles. Top Infrastructure recruitment companies in Delhi can source experts in regulatory compliance.
  • Land acquisition issues and delays in permits and clearances often cause huge delays in projects, resulting in losses to companies and investors. Infrastructure executive search agencies in India can find professionals who are skilled in navigating these complexities.
  • The Indian economy continues to be largely influenced by the agriculture sector, which has been plagued by deficient rainfall and drought over the past few years
Trends for the future
  • Clean energy projects are expected to be the next wave of the future
  • Wind energy is a huge, untapped market source, along with solar power
  • Private-public partnerships are bound to see more of a wide-scale implementation
  • Headcurrents indicate continued growth in the demand for highly skilled technical personnel in engineering and construction sectors

Selective Global Search in the Construction, Infrastructure, and Engineering Sector

Our clients include most of the companies in the construction, infrastructure, and engineering sectors – top Indian corporates, multinationals, public sector companies, and commercial and investment banks. The best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi provides talent solutions for these varied needs. 

Given the prevailing uncertainties in these sectors, we carefully map and analyze trends, helping our clients attract top talent. Our network of subject matter experts in India validate and strengthen our understanding of these sectors, providing critical insights. The Infrastructure recruitment firm plays a pivotal role in identifying tech-savvy professionals for these industries.

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How We Help

  • Our extensive database identifies professionals with exceptional background and expertise in critical industries. The top Infrastructure recruitment company in Delhi is key in maintaining and utilizing this database
  • We understand what’s needed to match the diverse and highly skilled professionals needed for this sector. Infrastructure executive search agency in India excels in aligning these skills with industry requirements.
  • We have executed recruitment projects with complex requirements for some of the largest engineering and other companies. The best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi ensures the smooth execution of these projects.
  • Our trend analysis patterns help us identify that the industry is currently facing a strong demand for senior professionals with experience working for multinational companies. We are positioned to deliver on this demand. We are positioned to deliver on this demand through our Infrastructure recruitment firm.
  • We seek execution-oriented professionals to help implement your company’s critical projects with efficiency, supported by the top Infrastructure recruitment company in Delhi.