Steadily rising disposable incomes and more collaboration with global corporations have ensured that the Indian population has spare time for leisure. This has directly impacted the Indian tourism and hospitality industry, which in recent years has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth and contributors to the gross domestic product (GDP). As the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi, we understand these trends well.

India’s economic growth is only expected to surge over the next decade and restaurants, tourism, travel agencies, and other prominent sub-sectors are expected to create at least 13.45 million jobs in the near future. The Ministry of Tourism reports that foreign tourist visits alone to India jumped by a huge 56% year-on-year in December 2016, which is a great indicator of good things to come for the Indian economy. A hospitality and tourism recruitment firm opportunities are also growing in parallel with this sector.

The Hospitality and Tourism Sector in India: A Snapshot

Key Stats
  • Tourism accounts for 7.5% of the GDP
  • The tourism and hospitality sector account for 8.8% of India’s total employment
  • The Planning Commission notes that tourism and hospitality is one of the most versatile sectors because it caters to a large spectrum of job seekers. Top Hospitality and tourism Recruitment Company in Delhi can leverage this versatility for better talent placement.
  • Industry estimates peg the tourism sector to be worth US$32 billion and the hospitality sector to be worth US$23 billion
  • Shortage of rooms and lack of quality in the budget accommodation segment
  • Lack of proper infrastructure in many places
  • Lack of public facilities and amenities
  • Safety, security, and bureaucratic issues
Trends for the future
  • India is expected to be ranked among the top five business travel destinations by 2030
  • International hotels are expected to expand and account for 50% of the Indian hospitality industry by 2022
  • The contribution of travel and tourism to the GDP is expected to grow at 4.9% per annum
  • The World Travel and Tourism Council expects India’s tourism sector to be the second largest employer in the world

Selective Global Search in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector

Being well acquainted with the challenges facing the sector as well future trends, we are equipped with the right expertise for finding the right fit for your requirements. As a hospitality and tourism executive search agency in India, we have insights into the best practices and strategies to overcome these challenges.

Since this is a sector with great potential, there is bound to be talent shortages. But our strong network and team of specialized professionals will help you identify, assess, and choose the right talent. The top hospitality and tourism recruitment Company in Delhi can assist in finding candidates who match the specific needs of your organization.

Our Expertise

How We Help

  • Our team is made up of experts from core industry backgrounds
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