Delivering Positive Business Outcomes

At Selective Global Search, we understand our core business purpose. We focus all our efforts in ensuring that we can deliver on enhancing our client’s business goals and performance by giving them exceptional staff.

We are able to achieve this because our HR advisory services helps an organization to eliminate repetitive tasks, maintain cost competitiveness and develop strategic, needs-based HR.

At Selective Global Search, we use compensation benchmarking as a best practice to guide pay decisions in hiring, promotions, and compensation budget planning.

Our recruitment analysis of competitors on the job market enables us to discover the best way to promote vacancies. We understand that our clients’ needs are unique and we build our communication strategy based on our recruitment analysis.

We use process re-engineering to ensure that our clients utilize the best in technology, systems, and communication. We develop strategies to ensure that new HR processes are implemented that can streamline and bring in improvements in HR efficiency. We work closely with our clients for formulation of HR policies in areas of recruitment, compensation, performance, evaluation, training, and compliance.

Our Services Across Domains

  • Compensation Audit
  • Compensation Benchmarking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • HR Process Re-Engineering
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Compensation Revisions
  • Compensation Restructuring
  • HR Policy Formulation

Your Benefits

We have 25+ years of experience as a specialist global recruiter. We employ specialist consultants who are experts on their industries. We are enabling companies in their business transformation. How do we achieve this?

Our approach is different

  • We look at people as part of an integrated business strategy. We work glocally, that is, we have a global footprint with a local focus
  • We identify non-value adding services, helping companies to reduce hidden HR operations costs
  • We provide assistance in annual manpower planning, growth strategy formulation, annual training program planning, and the implementation or drafting of the HR policy manual and internal employee handbook
  • We collaborate with you on end-to-end employee lifecycles and ensuring maximum efficiency in employee deployment
  • We bring together our experience and knowledge of HR from different industry domains with an understanding of the local business for your benefit

if you are seeking to maximize your employee talent and unleash the power of exciting talent, call us   to assist and advise you on our range of solutions.