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The chemicals and process industries refer to a broad set of organic and inorganic chemical industries as well as the petroleum industry and the petrochemical industry. The range of products produced under this sector is quite extensive and includes not just chemicals but also plastics, detergents, paints, pigments, and synthetic rubber.

This sector has thrived in India over the past few decades, buoyed by the country’s consistent economic growth, which has led to sustained demand for these products. Right now, the Indian chemical industry is a critical component of the Indian economy, contributing around 6.7% to the country’s gross domestic product or GDP. It has become a vital part of India’s agricultural and industrial development and a supplier to other mainstream sectors such as automotive, engineering, food processing, and consumer durables.


The Chemicals and Process Industries Sector in India: A Snapshot

Key Stats
  • Growing disposable incomes and increasing urbanization are fuelling consumption demand for paints, textiles, adhesives, and construction
  • Chemicals constitutes around 5% to India’s exports
  • The Indian Government allows 100% foreign direct investment or FDI in chemicals
  • This sector is heavily dependent on macro-economic factors and any slowdown in the global economy or India’s economic growth will have serious repercussions on the sector
  • Rising energy costs and a still-creaky infrastructure
  • Labor woes
  • Manufacturing delays
  • Outdated technology
Trends for the future
  • Bio-based raw materials will see significant growth supported by the Indian government’s efforts to promote sustainability
  • Proposals to set up integrated petroleum, chemicals, and petrochemicals investment regions or PCPIRs will boost the sector’s growth
  • Sustainable development will be the focus as India’s push toward climate control gains momentum
  • Technology will play a major role with R&D investments starting to bear fruit

Selective Global Search in the Chemicals and Process Industries Sector

The chemicals and process industries sector is dynamic and professionals have to bring to this sector a mix of both industrial expertise and technical acumen.

With increased foreign investment, we expect a large number of MNCs to scout for Indian talent and capitalize on the opportunities available in this market. We expect the Indian chemical industry to more than double its share in the global chemical industry to 6% by 2021. This means that demand for jobs will rise further.

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