The Indian telecom industry is the second largest market in the world, next to China. But this also makes it susceptible to constant flux and evolution because it’s at the forefront of innovation most of the time. As the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi, highlighting the technology reshaping the way the world comes together, telecom is a highly disruptive space.

With technology reshaping the way the world comes together, telecom is a highly disruptive space.

Demand from consumers for faster and better networks makes telecom an extremely competitive industry. The rapid pace of technological innovations impacting telecom places a lot of stress on companies, posing major HR challenges.

Telecom Recruitment Firm underscores the ISP or Internet Service Providers as a sub-segment of the telecom sector. This sector came into its own after the implementation of the Broadband Policy of 2004. Private broadband players are increasingly creating inroads into the lucrative and as yet unexplored Indian internet market.

The Telecom and ISP Sector in India: A Snapshot

Key Stats
  • In 2016, the wireless segment accounted for 97.6% of phone subscriptions
  • India has the third highest number of internet users in the world
  • 57.6% of telephone subscriptions came from urban areas in 2016
  • Bharti Airtel currently leads the mobile market in 2016 with a 25.06% share
Top Telecom Recruitment Company in Delhi reports significant challenges in the sector including:
  • Gender gap with women accounting for a mere 8-15% of the workforce
  • Taxation issues
  • Slow government approvals
  • Difficult for foreign companies to enter the market
  • Intense competition impacting spectrum
Trends for the future
  • Mobile banking and transactions rising more
  • Data consumption usage continuing to increase
  • More favorable M&A policies
  • Wireless smart devices usage to increase
  • IDC expects India to overtake the US as the second largest market for smartphones in 2017
  • Private ISPs will continue to gain significant market share

Selective Global Search in the Telecom and ISP Sector

Selective Global Search has deep expertise across all sub sectors of the telecom industry.

We have placed senior ranking executives like CFOs and CTOs to team leaders across all domains like network operators, service providers, and equipment providers. As an Telecom executive search agency in India, We have qualified professionals who can cull out the best recruits across a variety of roles with our thorough screening and vetting processes.

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