Buoyed by stratospheric growth in the Indian software industry, the IT software sector has become a prime revenue-earner for the Indian economy.

This is an industry that requires techno-savvy manpower. It requires professionals who have to constantly upgrade and transform their skills to match the ever-changing demands of the industry. We as the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi provides access to top-notch talent.

One of the key transformative stories of the growth of the Indian IT industry has been how Indian software companies have disrupted the value chain, growing from being mere outsourcing operators to being providers of a suite of comprehensive software development services. Despite setbacks, this sector is only bound to grow over the next decade.

The IT Software Sector in India: A Snapshot

Key Stats
  • Enterprise networking is the biggest segment within the Indian IT infrastructure sector in India
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) have seen significant growth as organizations are moving from a capital-intensive model to a opex model provided by top IT software recruitment company in Delhi.
  • The banking and finance sectors is one of the biggest adopters of emerging IT infrastructure facilitated by IT software executive search agency in India.
  • Policy changes in the US under its new President might have long-standing implications on IT exports to that country affecting the best HR recruitment services agency in Delhi.
  • A global economic slowdown with the impending Brexit or macroeconomic headwinds can significantly hamper growth in the IT industry
  • Increased competition from emerging IT hubs such as the Philippines highlighting the need for a reliable IT software recruitment firm.
Trends for the future coming soon
  • Delays in procurement
  • India continues to rank low in Ease of Doing Business, and this sector has been plagued by regulatory challenges
  • Obsolete technology has forced the aerospace and defense sector to import much of the technology used in this sector

Selective Global Search in the IT Software Sector

One of the most dynamic sectors, the IT software sector demands expertise in newer and emerging areas such as mobility, digital marketing, analytics, and cloud computing. This is where we anticipate growth to continue. Top IT software recruitment company in Delhi can meet these demands.

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